The 2020 Bundaberg Festival of Dance is organised by the Bundaberg Combined Ballet Association Incorporated (the BCBA).

It is your responsibility to read our Rules, Indemnity & Code of Conduct information, and be aware of any amendments.

The Competitor and/or Parent/Guardian/Teacher will need to accept they have read and understood these rules and all conditions and information associated with this competition. If dissatisfied with the rules or arrangements in any way, they are not obliged to enter or compete.

1. The age of the competitor will be taken as at 31st December, 2019 and if age is the subject of a protest, a Birth Certificate may be requested.

2. Dancers may only enter once into each section, with the exception of Rule (15 & 16)

3. All entries must be made through the Dance Comp Genie registration system.

4. You must order a Competitor Pass at a cost of $10 each (this fee will be automatically applied to your entry) Competitors Passes are not available for purchase during the Eisteddfod. This pass gives the Competitor entry into the theatre for all sessions (except Groups Day/s sessions).

5. This competition is open to amateur dancers only. Studio Principals are not eligible to enter.

6. The Festival of Dance will run from Friday 3 to Thursday 9 April, 2020 and there is NO guarantee that competitors will be dancing on consecutive days. These dates may change dependent on the number of entries received. We are not able to fill individual requests with the programming.

7. Entry Fees: Solo: $12. Duo: $12 per person. Trio: $12 per person. Groups: $27 per group. Compulsory Competitor Pass: $10 per competitor (covers all sessions except Groups Day/s sessions).

8. Other Fees: You will pay a $4.50 Dance Comp Genie fee when processing your payment. If you are not sure if you have your entry correct, don’t proceed to the payment gateway, you can return to your dashboard and add more routines at a later time. Otherwise every time you enter, you will be charged the $4.50 fee.

Entries close 28 February 2020.


BCBA retains the right to close entries early if needed.

9. BCBA retains the right to cancel, join or divide sections at their discretion. Entry into this competition indicates your understanding and agreement of this (and all) rules.

10. The Dance Comp Genie program requires payment to be made at the time of completing your entries.

11. All fees are no-refundable.

12. Music is to be uploaded through Dance Comp Genie dashboard at the time of completing your entries. Only .mp3 and .m4a is accepted. It is recommended that Competitors also have a back up USB with all their music files.

13. For music mix-ups, dancers may re-dance at the end of the section, or immediately if replacement music is available.

14. Run-offs during a performance: Dancers 12 Years & Under will be allowed to re-dance (at the Adjudicator’s discretion). Dancers 13 Years & Over will be allowed to re-dance (at the Adjudicator’s discretion), however will not be eligible for adjudication or placings.

15. In the case of duos and trios, the age of the oldest Competitor must be used. A Competitor may appear twice in duo or trio sections with a different partner (duos) and at least one different member (trios). All Competitors’ names are required for duo and trio sections.

16. Group sections must be determined by the age of the oldest competitor. The minimum number in groups is to be four (4). Studios are not permitted to enter more than two (2) groups per section. Competitors are not permitted to appear in more than two (2) groups (for the same studio) per section. An entire same group cannot appear more than once in a section. Groups do not require individual names to be entered but we do require the number of performers in each group.

17. The Adjudicator’s decision is final and no public protest or correspondence against such a decision will be entered into. Any other protest must be lodged in writing within 30 minutes of the cause of the protest arising and handed to the Secretary of the BCBA or in their absence, the President (or other Executive Committee member). This protest must be accompanied by a fee of $50 which will be forfeited if the protest IS considered frivolous or proved wrong by the BCBA Executive Committee. 

18. Competitors will not be allowed to compete out of a section. Competitors must dance in their own age section in age items. A section will not be changed or delayed due to late arrival.

19. Competitors participate in this competition at their own risk. Properties such as sand, water, powder, glass or electrical props are not permitted to be used on stage.

20. Solo routines to be maximum three (3) minutes.

21. Duo and trio routines to be maximum three (3) minutes.

22. Song and dance routines to be maximum four (4) minutes.

23. Group routines to be maximum five (5) minutes.

24. There will be two types of Improvisation sections. Solo and Groups. Competitors are able to enter either one or both at time of entry. Only basic examination wear or class wear (no embellishments or adornments) are to be worn.

Solo Improvisation: Competitors dance in this section one at a time in separate genres, as entered for Tap, Modern or Classical.

 10 & Under – approx. 45 seconds

 12 & Under – approx. 45 seconds

 14 & Under – approx. 60 seconds

 15 & Over – approx. 60 seconds 

Group Improvisation Mega Mix: Competitors will dance in this section in small groups to multiple selections of music (potentially Modern, Lyrical/Hip Hop/Contemporary). Tap cannot be done in this type of Improvisation.

Age groups will be:

12 Years & under – approx. 30 seconds per genre, 90 seconds total time.

13 Years & over – approx. 30 seconds per genre, 90 seconds total time.

25. Singing only permitted in Song & Dance sections.

26. The same routine must not be performed more than once by a competitor during the competition; with the exception of Championship performances.

27. BCBA retains the right to appoint a substitute adjudicator if necessary.

28. Competitors must compete in the order of the program, except in extenuating circumstances, when arrangements must be made with the BCBA Executive Committee.

29. Competitors must report to the Backstage Marshall prior to the commencement of their section. It is their responsibility to be side stage when the section commences.

30. Communication with the Adjudicator either by Competitors, Teachers or other interested parties, during the competition is not permitted.

31. BCBA representatives (including Backstage Marshalls) have the authority to remove unauthorised persons from the stage or backstage area.

32. Tap shoes must be removed (or covered at all times) until a competitor is ready to enter the backstage area to perform. Competitors are requested to wear suitable covering over their costumes when not on stage or side stage.

33. All routines and costumes must be appropriate for family viewing. If the adjudicator or the BCBA feel a routine, music lyrics or costume is too suggestive or inappropriate for public viewing, the routine may be stopped and not adjudicated. Routines depicting dark undertones including sensitive themes such as September 11, child abuse, suicide or are of a sexual nature will not be adjudicated.

34. There will be no access backstage prior to the Solo and Group Improvisation sections as all entrants will be in Iockdown. Dancers are not permitted to have any property with them while in Iockdown including (but not limited to) electronic devices or dance bags.

35. Props must be placed on/off stage in the shortest possible time and removed from the backstage area immediately after use. If you require assistance with where to load/unload props, please see a BCBA Committee Member. Due to limited space at the venue, large and/or numerous props requiring more than 1 person are strongly discouraged.

36. No rehearsing is permitted on the stage during the competition with the exception of Acrobatic solo sections which are offered a three (3) minute warm-up on stage prior to the commencement of that section. The front curtain will be drawn and The Director of Session will ask the Competitors to commence their warm up as a group. This is strictly for warming up only – no rehearsing, marking out of routines or walking through routines is permitted.

37. A simple prop may be used if incorporated in the routine for Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap and Modern, e.g. hand-held fan, chair or similar.

38. National sections to be read as excluding Highland and Irish dance.

39. Entertainment Solo sections to exclude tap and singing. 40. Character/Specialty Tap to exclude singing. 4I. Lyrical to be read as Slow Modern, Neo-Classical or Slow Modern.

42. Modern sections must not include Hip Hop.

43. Waltz Tap to be 3/4 or 6/8 only. Slow Taps not allowed in this section, these can be done in the Tap sections.

44. Championship sections: Competitors can nominate for Championships. To be eligible, the dancer must enter and dance in 3 sections from that genre. Improvisations can be used as one of the dances to become eligible BUT cannot be used as one of the Championship Dances.


Junior: 10 Years & under

Intermediate: 14 Years & under

Seniors: 15 Years & over


Tap: Waltz, Speed, Tap and Improvisation

Modern: Modern, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Improvisation

Classical: Classical, Demi Character, National and Improvisation

Entertainment: Acro, Song & Dance, Character/Specialty Tap, Entertainment

For the Championship performances, 2 dances for each genre will need to be performed. Dancers may repeat a dance they have already performed in that section.

Tap: You will need to perform a Waltz or Tap routine and then a Speed Tap routine. (in this order)

Modern: You will need to perform a Modern routine and then either a Lyrical or Contemporary routine. (in this order)

Classical: You will need to perform a Classical routine and then either a Demi Character or National routine. (in this order)

Entertainment: You will need to perform any two routines from the Entertainment sections: Acro, Song & Dance, Character/Specialty Tap or Entertainment.

The dancer may repeat a dance already performed or dance a different routine in the Championships. 

45. The front stage curtain is not available for use during the Eisteddfod.

46. Audio Critiques will be available a week after the completion of the Eisteddfod.

47. Filming and/or photography is not permitted in the theatre. BCBA reserves the right to appoint an official videographer and/or photographer.

48. Photographs/video footage may be taken by media and/or the BCBA committee at this event and such photographs/video footage may be used without further permission.

49. Failure to comply with these rules and ignore this information may result in exclusion.

50. A Running Order will be compiled as soon as possible after entries close. The program will then be emailed out to all entrants and it will also be available for download from our Facebook page and Website, as soon as it is released.

51. AII admission tickets can only be purchased at Shalom College during the Eisteddfod.

52. Section Sponsorships is available at $10 per section, at time of entry. The BCBA will allocate sponsorship recognition throughout the Eisteddfod program.



The Competitor and/or their Parent/Guardian/Teacher confirm that they are authorised to accept on behalf of the competitor and acknowledge that:

1. Participating in this Competition involves risk of injury which may be of a serious nature and property loss or damage may occur.

2. The competitor is not covered by any insurance policy while attending, competing or warming up for the competition.

3. The competitor enters this competition at their own risk and will satisfy themselves as to the safety of the competition area and surface to be used. If they are not satisfied in any way with the rules, standard of the competition area, facilities or arrangements, they are not obliged to enter or compete.

4. The competitor will follow all directions and set rules stated by the competition organiser or persons authorised by them and waives any claims for liability against any organiser (whether an association or individual), participant, official, steward, judge, visitor, employee, or invitee (the “participants”) and releases the participants from all liability that may arise out of the competition, to the competitor. Such liability shall include but not be limited to any personal injury, property loss or damage.

5. Photographs/video footage may be taken by media at this event and such photographs/video footage may be used without further permission.


The Competitor and/or their Parent/Guardian/Teacher will:

1.Display appropriate behaviour/conduct towards committee members, fellow competitors, the adjudicator and volunteers.

2. Be immediately disqualified for inappropriate behaviour/conduct towards committee members, fellow competitors, the adjudicator and volunteers.

3.Inappropriate behaviour/conduct in this instance is defined as unsportsmanlike actions through verbal or written comments, isolation or bullying behaviour – this encompasses emotional and physical acts and loud or obnoxious language and behaviour (both within and out of the venue) including all social media platforms. The BCBA Executive Committee determines whether the behavior has violated these terms and conditions.

I/we acknowledge that I/we have read and understood the above Rules, Indemnity and Code of Conduct information, of the Bundaberg Combined Ballet Association, Festival of Dance Competition and that I/we are authorised to accept on behalf of the competitor, having accepted of my/their own free will.