Volunteer with us

Bundaberg Combined Ballet Association Inc. is a non-profit organisation run solely by volunteers, and our events could not go ahead without the ongoing support of other members of the dance community in Bundaberg and surrounds.

Adjudicator’s Assistant

The Adjudicator’s Assistant tends to the needs of the Adjudicator as they arise i.e. collecting meals and beverages.


The Penciller hand-writes the Adjudicator’s verbal feedback onto each entrant’s report sheets during competition.

Director of Sessions

The Director of Sessions announces the names of the sections, competitors and awards to the audience.

Sidestage Cans

The Sidestage Cans are a point of communication between the Director of Sessions, Backstage Team and Music Player.

Backstage Marshal

The Backstage Marshal coordinates the sidestage and backstage areas and organises the competitors for the session.

Backstage Runner

The Backstage Runner assists the Backstage Marshal to manage the backstage area and organise the competitors.


The Usher manages patrons transitioning in and out of the auditorium, and maintains a
respectful audience space.

Canteen Assistant

The Canteen Assistant helps with the sale of session tickets, programmes, and supplied food and beverages to patrons.